Nestle Chiropractic | Paulding County Georgia

39 years of quality spinal care in Paulding County Georgia - and beyond.

Meet Dr. Eddy Nestle

Dr. Nestle graduated from Life Chiropractic College in December 1979 and began his career in Dallas, GA in July 1980. He is certified in physio-modalities, including ultrasound, electric and neuromuscular stimulation. Dr. Nestle is also a Board Certified Diplomate with the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Dr. Nestle is the longest serving Chiropractor in Paulding County, and his 34 years of experience have given him a wealth of information that a person simply can't learn in a school. Knowing the procedures that relieve pain in the shortest amount of time is the key. Dr. Nestle is proficient in Gonstead Diversified, Full Spine Adjustment, Cox Low Back Flexion/Distraction and Pelvic Drop techniques. And he's looking forward to helping you reach your goal of health and wellbeing.

What you can expect

When you call or come in to schedule an appointment, you will be greeted by our friendly Chiropractic Assistants Pam and Lorri. They will take your insurance information (if you have insurance), determine your eligibility for benefits, handle your confidential health information, and will schedule you for an appointment.

When you arrive for your appointment, you will fill out a health questionnaire about your recent and past health problems and your major complaint. This will give Dr. Nestle the information he needs to better treat your condition.

During your appointment, you will also be given a complete Orthopedic and Neurological examination to determine your health condition. Dr. Nestle takes X-rays on the premises and uses them to determine if there are any pathological or structural problems in the spine. We have on-site Physiological Modalities, X-ray, and Motorized Spinal Intersegmental Traction Tables to assist in the process, and Dr. Nestle delivers a firm yet gentle adjustment. Your comfort and your health is our goal!

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