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What is Chiropractic?

Years ago, most people couldn't explain what chiropractors did (except to say that they were back-crackers!), but today Chiropractic has become increasingly known and trusted among both patients and medical professionals alike.

In the early days of Chiropractic, it was recognized that spinal adjustments could change neurological behaviors and improve a patient's health; not even chiropractors knew how chiropractic worked specifically, but only that it did work. Many chiropractors believed that pressure on the spinal nerve roots were a major cause of disease. That theory has not been proved invalid. In fact research has proven that chiropractic adjustments can directly alter the function of the nervous system, affecting a patient's well-being.

With help from a chiropractor, the nervous system can better respond to the body's environment and can adapt the body's entire survival system. We now know that the nervous system can become overloaded without proper care, and its response to this overload is unbalanced neurological patterns, neurological interference or neurological subluxation. Subluxation is the dis-relationship of one vertebra to another, neurological compression of major nerves exiting from the spinal column, resulting in loss of vital nerve energy to the major organs, muscles and cells of the body. The body's response to abnormal neurological messages is to cause you discomfort. This is your body's way of letting you know that something is wrong. Symptoms such as pain, stiffness, headaches, edema, and more severe illnesses are the result.

The chiropractic solution to these problems is to structurally align the spine in order to restore normal neurological function. We do this by chiropractic adjustment, in which we find the subluxation of the vertebral spine and remove that interference. By decompressing the spinal nerves and removing nerve interference, and reducing or removing the subluxation of spinal segments, we allow the neurological energy to flow in an uninterrupted path to all the major organs, muscles, and tissues of the body, which in turn allows the body to restore itself to health and balance.

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